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Monday, 19 November 2012


Ronnie D - Aderonke Comfort Adesanya -  was born on January 5th. A native of Ijebu Igboye, Epe, Lagos. She attended Fagba Grammar school (1994-2000) and got her degree in Insurance in Lasu (Lagos state university). 

She started singing at the age of seven, but was known more as a dancer. Her singing ability became pronounced “during a fellowship rally in my church at Foursquare Gospel Church, Pipeline; after which the pastor pronounced a blessing on me”. She gained the boldness and has been in the business of making impact in lives through my singing ministry. 

Some of the challenges Ronnie D has faced include not being accepted by her family because they believe singing is not a profession. Also while in school, there were rumours that she attracted people through the use of ‘juju’ when singing; “they said I must have hid my fetish in the stomach region because I normally touch that area when singing”. She has however pursued her vision and taken courage in lives being touched by God when she sings and this has kept her going. 

Aderonke is a member of Kingsword International Church. She loves helping people get back on their feet and works with the principle – “if you don’t have what you need, maintain what you have”.

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